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Addressing Chicken Welfare in Slaughter Practices

Different regions, countries, and even individual farms may have variations in their methods. However, some common practices raise concerns regarding animal welfare

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Beyond the Scales: A Look at Ethical Considerations in Fish Slaughter

Fish are the most widely consumed animal protein globally. This article explores the common methods used in fish slaughter and the ethical considerations raised by animal welfare organizations.

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From Pasture to Plate: Ensuring Humane Treatment for Cows

While their gentle nature and historical significance in agriculture might lead to the assumption of humane treatment, concerns about cow welfare during slaughter practices remain prevalent

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Empowering Compassion: Our Efforts for Farm Animals

Laws and regulations

We advocate for change through legislation, working with legal professionals to propose laws and amendments that protect farm animals and improve their welfare. We believe strong legal frameworks are crucial to ending cruelty and ensuring humane treatment for all farm animals.

Educational campaigns

We empower consumers through educational campaigns, raising awareness about the realities of factory farming and the benefits of choosing products from farms with ethical practices. By informing and engaging the public, we aim to shift consumer choices towards supporting the humane treatment of farm animals.

Supporting ethical farms

We support the future of humane farming by promoting farms that prioritize ethical husbandry and butchering practices. By highlighting their efforts and fostering partnerships, we aim to incentivize and expand ethical practices within the industry, creating a more compassionate future for farm animals.

Collaboration for global impact

To amplify our impact, we collaborate with international organizations, sharing resources and expertise and working together on global initiatives that promote ethical treatment of farm animals worldwide. This collaborative approach strengthens our reach and allows us to tackle the issue on a broader scale.

Humans have the responsibility to take care of all other beings in the world.

During their lifetime, we should grant animals comfortable conditions. In case they have to be slaughtered, we should make an effort to reduce their agony and suffering and do our best to avoid it completely.

Shamar Rinpoche

February 2009

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